Beautiful Filipinas . . .

filipina girlfriend  (16654 bytes) This is Maria. She just turned 18 years old. She weighs 81 lbs. She loves to laugh, can sing like an angel, and can cook like a Filipina Julia Child. She loves the Looney Toons characters (she's got Daffy Duck underwear!), movies, swimming, and BBQ pork. But best of all, she is my girlfriend.

I may be 49 years old, but she doesn't care about that. And if she doesn't care, why should I?

If you want a good woman, one who comes from a culture where they believe a woman should support her man, where they don't care about age or other things, then you should try a Filipina. Feminine but strong, they know how to manage a family, job, and love. If you can give her your heart, she wil give you everything.

Damn, Filipinas are God's gift to men!!!!

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I love Filipinas. I love everything about the Philippines. I first went there as a sailor to Subic Bay and Olongapo, and I fell in love with the place. I've been to Angeles, Manila, Makati, and Barrio Baretta. But back in the States, I didn't know where to find Filipinas.  So I tired online with FilipinoCupid, and when I met Maria, it was love at first sight.

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